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As a wholesale distributor, Crus Oil provides an extensive range of lubrication products, including automotive oil, lubricating oil, commercial oil, industrial oil, and specialty products. The company also offers auto chemicals and additives, such as power steering fluid, carburetor cleaners, solvents, and ice melters.


We carry a wide range of antifreeze products from top manufacturers to ensure that our customers get only the highest quality products.

Extended Life
R.V. Antifreeze
Service Pro

Lube Equipment

When it comes to industrial lubrication, having the right equipment can make all the difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

Barrel Pumps / Rotary and Lever
Drum Wrenches
Gear Oil Pumps
Grease Guns & Fittings
Oil Lifts & Drains
Transmission Funnels

Industrial Oils

We are your wholesale and bulk supplier of synthetic oils to industrial oils, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of various industries.

2 Cycle Oils
Motor Oils
Gear Oils
synthetic Oils

Automotive Accessories

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality automotive accessories at wholesale and bulk prices.

Air Freshners
Oil, Air & Gas Filters
Tire Flat Fix
Wiper Blades & Refills

Automotive Chemicals

Automotive chemicals are essential to the proper functioning of a vehicle. These chemicals include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and others.

Automotive Refrigerant
Carburetor Cleaners
Diesel Fuel Treatment
Gas & Oil Additives
Ice Melter
Power Service Products
Power Steering Fluid
Radiator Flush
Service Chemicals
Service Pro (Complete Line)
Starting Fluid
STP Products
Transcoat (Undercoat)
WD-40 Penetrating Oil
Windshield Washer

Automotive Detailing

We offer a complete line of wholesale and bulk automotive detailing products to keep your fleet or dealership looking its best.

Body Shop Safe Products

Industrial Filters

We offer a complete line of wholesale and bulk industrial filters.

Baldwin Filters
Donaldson Filters
Fleetguard Filters

Industrial Oils

Our industrial oils are formulated to provide excellent performance and are ideal for use in compressors, cutting fluids, hydraulic systems, industrial gearboxes, and other industrial applications.

Compressor Oils
Cutting Fluids
Hydraulic Oils
Industrial Gear Lubes

Miscellaneous Automotive

From buckets and gas cans to ultrasorb oil absorbent and windshield towels, we’ve got everything you need to keep your garage or automotive business running smoothly.

Floor Cleaners
I.M. Gas
Ultrasorb Oil Absorbent

Do you have a question? Welcome to the FAQs. Here's a compilation of our most frequently asked questions by customers, just like you.

Is synthetic oil "fake" oil?

Synthetic oils are not fake – they are still derived from crude. However, synthetic oils use higher base-stocks than conventional oils. Synthetic oils also go through a different process than conventional oils for extra wear protection and overall higher shear strengths.

Do synthetic oils create more sludge?

No. Valvoline synthetics are higher in detergents to help clean an engine and reduce the risk of sludge.

Is bulk oil a lower quality oil than packaged oil?

No. Bulk oil is the exact same oil that is bottled and sold in retail locations.

Is thicker oil better oil?

Thicker oil can be better for older engines in which engine parts have worn over the years. However, it is generally recommended to always stick with the viscosity recommended by the manufacturer of the particular engine.

Does motor oil have an expiration date? How long is it generally good for?

Valvoline motor oil does not have a documented expiration date. Under optimal conditions, the product is stable for an extended period of time and can be used as long as the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating on the label continues to meet or exceed the requirements listed in your owner’s manual. If the rating is still current, shake the container before use to blend any additives that may have settled.

Is switching between conventional and other types of motor oil bad for my engine?

Conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend, and high mileage motor oils are compatible. Mixing or switching between types of motor oil is not harmful to your engine.

What does the W stand for in 10w 30 motor oil?

The W actually stands for winter.

Will using (brand x oil) void my manufacturer’s warranty?

Using a brand of oil that is different from your vehicle manufacturer’s factory fill will not void the warranty. Just make sure that the oil meets the manufacturer’s standards for use in the particular vehicle.

Will use of Power Service diesel additives void my manufacturer’s warranty?

No, when used as directed on the container label, use of Power Service diesel additives will not void any engine manufacturer’s warranty.

Do Power Service diesel additives contain alcohol?

The only product manufactured by Power Service that contains the type of non-harmful alcohols recommended by engine manufacturers for removal of water is Power Service Diesel 911. Diesel 911, as its name implies, is used to solve the fuel emergencies diesel engine operators most commonly encounter.  In winter,Diesel 911 re-liquefies gelled fuel and de-ices frozen fuel-filters in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for a tow truck.  Diesel 911 also removes water fom the fuel system to prevent icing problems and extend the life of fuel filters, fuel injection pumps and fuel injectors.

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